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Top 10 Best Value LUXURY Beauty Advent Calendars 2022 🎄💄✨ | Save up to £1,000 on beauty bestsellers!

Top 10 Best Value LUXURY Beauty Advent Calendars 2022 🎄💄✨ | Save up to £1,000 on beauty bestsellers!

I have absolutely scoured the internet so you don’t have to and in this video, we will be talking through the top 10 luxury beauty advent calendars of 2022, focusing on which ones will give you the best value for money, saving up to £1,000 on beauty bestsellers. Have you ever tried any of these beauty advent calendars in previous years? I’d love to hear what your experiences have been!

Don’t forget to subscribe and come back over the next few days to see the full advent calendar series with a budget of £150, £100, £75 and £50! There are some real treasures at each price point so there’s something for everyone.

PRODUCT LINKS: (*affiliate links starred)
1) Macmillan Cancer Support Beauty Advent Calendar:
2) M.A.C. Advent Calendar*:
3) John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar*:
4) Fenwick Beauty Advent Calendar 2022:
5) Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar 2022*:
6) Space NK Advent Calendar*:
7) FLANNELS Beauty Advent Calendar*:
8) Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2022:
9) Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2022*:
10) Harvey Nichols Beauty Advent Calendar*:


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