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Meet The Team-JEAN DODDS


I am the ‘elder statesman’ of the clinic, having qualified 40 years ago. Thought I would be
retired by now but I am still excited by my job and love the fact that you CAN teach an old dog, new tricks, so hopefully, I’ll be at the peak of my abilities on the day I retire.

I have worked in musculoskeletal clinics for over 18 years, using my expertise to treat both acute injuries and chronic conditions. Prior to that, I worked extensively as a domiciliary physiotherapist and with the elderly or disabled in various Care Homes.

Several years ago, I studied acupuncture in order to add to my clinical expertise and discovered the role that energies play in our health and our ability to maintain our recovery from musculoskeletal problems. This led me to study Tui Na, which is the use of massage and mobilisation techniques to influence the flows of energies around our bodies. Adding this to my physiotherapy skills, I am amazed by what it is possible to achieve.

Many of my patients have complex long term problems and have been told that they have to live with and manage their pain – I love peeling away and sorting out the layers of their problems.

I have been incredibly lucky – I chose a career that I love and also have the good fortune to work with a very talented team of physiotherapists at The Howard Clinic.

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