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How We Help


Treatments may include various manual therapy or manipulation techniques, Tui Na massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy e.g ultrasound, interferential therapy, exercise rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, postural and ergonomics/ workstation advice. We can also advise on referral to a specialist consultant or other health professional. You may be referred by your GP, Consultant or you may choose to refer yourself directly.


Physiotherapy is a well recognised treatment for many conditions. The Howard Clinic has experience in the management of:

Sports injuries >> more treatment details

Acute and chronic neck or back pain >> more treatment details

Paediatric Physiotherapy working with children of varying ages to ensure that they achieve optimal physical development and function >> more treatment details

Post-operative Orthopaedics (for example – rehabilitation after a joint replacement or soft tissue surgery) >> more treatment details

Neurological conditions such as strokes and Parkinsons Disease, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and head injury Tui Na (Chinese medical) >> more treatment details

Chronic conditions such as arthritis >> more treatment details

Movement dysfunctions including sports training errors and postural related problems >> more treatment details

Hand injuries and conditions >> more treatment details

Electrotherapy used to assist pain reduction and stimulate the natural healing response>> more treatment details

Women’s health physiotherapy >> more treatment details

Sports massage >> more treatment details

Physiotherapy Clinic Wokingham
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