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BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy; MCSP;
HPC Member; APPI


In 2012 I joined the team of highly qualified specialists at The Howard Clinic. I am an experienced musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist specialising in Aquatic Physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy), Clinical Pilates and Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

I graduated from Birmingham University with a BSc (HONS) in Physiotherapy in 2003 and worked as a Junior in the NHS for 18 months before moving on to work in a private practice specialising in hydrotherapy.

In 2006 I emigrated to Australia and worked in the Public Hospital in Cairns, Queensland before moving into a private practice where I worked for six years.

I started specialising in Aquatic Physiotherapy in 2003 and have studied advanced hydrotherapy techniques in Birmingham, Switzerland and Melbourne. I really enjoy treating patients in the water as so many respond well to this form of therapy. In Australia I also developed a charity-funded Aquatic Therapy programme for children with Cerebral Palsy and children with rare diseases.

I have studied Pilates to the highest level with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI) and the Queensland Institute of Pilates and this background in core stability training inspired me to create Pilates classes for a range of patients – including chronic low back pain, posture improvement, dancers, ante and post-natal and injury rehabilitation. I teach both Mat Work and Equipment Pilates classes.

Having found a strong link between Pilates and the work undertaken by Womens Health Specialists, I began studying Physiotherapy in Womens’ Health and I now treat a range of women’s health problems, including ante and post-natal patients and patients suffering with incontinence.


Physiotherapy Clinic Wokingham
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