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Tiktok Teen Teenage Look Filter Emotional Reactions | 2023 Viral Video Trend | Compilation Mashup

Tiktok Teen Teenage Look Filter Emotional Reactions | 2023 Viral Video Trend | Compilation Mashup

Looking for a video that’s sure to make you laugh, cry or feel all sorts of emotions?

Join us as we watch the emotional responses people have had to one of TikTok’s most popular new trending features: the TikTok Teenage Look filter effect.

The split-screen view shows their current face, and their younger, teenage look face. This elicits an emotional reaction as people feel they can talk to their younger teen self or inner child again, and feel how they felt then and now towards their younger teen self. Often saying to be nicer to themselves.

The filter redraws the person’s face to lighten the appearance of aging like lines and wrinkles, and in some cases darken white hair. See if you can spot all of the changes it can make. Comment what you notice or can relate to!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions in this video we’ve compiled for you, from hilarious to the heartbreaking.

Watch as people react in all sorts of ways to the new teenage look filter effect on TikTok.

From laughter to tears, you’ll be surprised by the different emotions people feel in response to the filter.

Get a sense for what people are really thinking about the new filter. Then if you feel inspired, you can create your own Teenage Look Filter Effect video, and your video may even go viral too!

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Video clips used under “fair use” rights as small parts of a larger transformed trend commentary with one copyright-free audio. Compilation credit links to the people who appeared in the video can be found at the filter link above.

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