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tiktok is bad for women, actually

tiktok is bad for women, actually

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Madisyn Brown – thin is in, tumblr is back, and kim k is downsizing: the porbablE Danger of these trends –
Tiffanyferg – why does youtube feel so lackluster and stale right now? | Internet Analysis –

sources –
The Psychology of TikTok –,preemptively%20rewards%20your%20anticipated%20risk.
Why Is Everyone Suddenly Obsessed With Buccal Fat? –
The Pursuit of a Snatched Jawline Continues With Buccal Fat Removal –
Buccal Fat & Nose Gaps: The Ridiculousness Of Beauty Standards Is Helping Us Dismantle Them –

time stamps –
00:00 – intro
05:33 – the psychology of tiktok
13:56 – what the hell is buccal fat removal
20:00 – insecurity mining


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