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The 2020 Beauty Trend 🌾 Natural Beauty Inspired by Scandinavian Women | Sissel

The 2020 Beauty Trend 🌾 Natural Beauty Inspired by Scandinavian Women | Sissel

Hello friends! This video is brought to you in collaboration with Analuisa.

There have been many beauty trends trending at various times throughout the years, but with the recent movement from women to embrace their natural beauty we are starting to see a switch in how we prefer to present ourselves with makeup.
Especially on social media like Instagram, women around the world are starting to choose the more natural and unfiltered look.
Scandinavian women are known for their nagtural and minimalistic beauty routines and the mindset of less is more is now spreading to the whole world. In this video, I will share an example of a minimalistic and natural makeup look. I hope you enjoy!


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Epidemic Sounds

♫ Fragment – Ever So Blue

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Frequently Asked Questions:

♡ How tall are you?
– I’m 177cm

♡ Where are you from?
– I was born and raised in Denmark, but I currently live in South Korea

♡ How old are you?
– I was born in 1998, so I’m 21 years old

♡ What is your eye color?
– Yep, they’re green xD


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