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Mara Lafontan Examines French Beauty Trends | Beauty Hotline | Vogue France

Mara Lafontan Examines French Beauty Trends | Beauty Hotline | Vogue France

Vogue France’s new series stars a French model with a quirky sense of humor. Mara Lafontan, a bonafide super-tester, breaks down the latest and greatest beauty moments and delves into the Vogue topics that have had you hooked, from readers’ letters to what’s trending on TikTok, not to mention the questions on everyone’s lips. In this episode: the bad habits to ditch to keep your skin looking youthful, how to (finally) get rid of puffiness and dark circles, the most iconic products from French pharmacies, and the best LED devices.

Director: Nicole Lily Rose
Camera OP: Charles BRUN
Audio: Hubert Rey Grange
Head of Production Vogue: Amaury Delcambre
Head of Video Development: Louise des Ligneris
Rumeur’s Producer: Falvia Cardoso
Rumeur’s Executive Producer: Gaëlle Bijani
Second camera OP: Nicolas Voisin
Camera OP assistant: Giacomi Gillino
Gaffer: Emmanuel Pierrat
Set Designer: Samuel Bégis
Set Design Assistant: Julio Rebora
Stylist: Rebecca Purshouse
Stylist Assistants: Isabela Orozco Castillo, Agathe Tréhorel
HMU: Clotilde LAISNE
Production Back Up: Laura Alday
Mara’s Agent: Camille Sonnois
Editors: Sarah Ceravolo ; Marie Gabrielle Fabre
Coloring: Sylvain Canaux
Mix: Manuel Lormel
Motion Design Vogue: Gabriel Delmas
Heads of Post-Production: Derya Ayverdi ; Adélina Bichet Elzey
Post-Production Supervisor Vogue: Agathe Romain
Post-Production Assistant Vogue: Edouard Condat
Programming Lead: Stéphanie Amaya
Creative Optimisation Manager: Marie Jaso
Head of Video: Thomas Leroy
Chief Editor Beauty Vogue: Frédérique Verley
Social Media Editor Vogue: Hugo Compain
Head of Editorial Content Vogue: Eugénie Trochu

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