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DOUYIN EYES Makeup Guide for Dummies – Inner Corner, Eyeliner, Lower Lid Eyeshadow & Aygeosahl 小鱼仔一只

DOUYIN EYES Makeup Guide for Dummies – Inner Corner, Eyeliner, Lower Lid Eyeshadow & Aygeosahl 小鱼仔一只

Hello peachies🍑 The China social media platform, dou yin or the Chinese version of tik tok has made the latest viral beauty trend all about the “dou yin girls style”. But if you’ve never heard of the trend or are simply just confused about what it exactly means? We will try out best to explain here. First thing to know, the dou yin girls style trend brought in a new style makeup style in the Asian beauty community. This new makeup style is very distinctive from the existed makeup styles, many people have described it as the product of the combination of both Korean Uzzlang and soft goth girl style. The douyin girl makeup emphasizes a lot on their eyes makeup, it elongates the outer corner and extend the inner corner to create the wide cat eyes look. Not only that, the lower lid eye shadow and egg yo sell contouring are the steps that you must not missed to achieve the dou yin girl look. Surely this dou yin makeup style is beautiful, but it requires a great deal of effort to perfect the techniques. It is certainly a huge challenge for makeup beginners, as this look needs some skills and a steady hand to perfect the eye look.

Fret not! In our video today, we have found a china dou yin beauty guru, siyao yu to show you guys how to achieve the dou yin girls makeup look!
This video will include the step by step tutorials for inner corner and winged liner, lower lid eye shadow and aygeosahl contouring. With these 4 steps, you will be able to master the basics of the dou yin style eye makeup look, then you can start playing around with any eyeshadow colors!

Please refer to the timestamp for different parts of the video:
0:00 Introduction
1:39 Part 1 Inner Corner Eyeliner
3:31Part 2 Winged eyeliner
4:19 Part 3 Lower lid eyeshadow
5:36 Part 4 Aygeosahl contour
8:13 End

Hope u guys will love this video!♥☺ pls enjoy peachies!

Video credits to:
@ 小鱼仔一只 on douyin
from UrL:

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Edit: we apologise if there is any mistake in the translation but we are trying our best🥺 do leave your comments below if there is any correction that u wish to make🙂 we hope the message of the video will be accurately conveyed and ppl can understand them better!
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