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4 Korean Makeup Trends 2021 Inspired by Hince – 힌스 메이크업.zip

4 Korean Makeup Trends 2021 Inspired by Hince – 힌스 메이크업.zip

Did you know that some of the most popular Korean makeup trends you see on your favourite celebrities were started by a small indie brand?

Today I’m excited to introduce you to my favourite Korean makeup brand: Hince. This small company was founded in 2019 to inspire Korean women to embrace their individuality and in just 3 years they became a brand even established companies are rushing to imitate. But what’s the secret of this unprecedented success? These are the 4 Korean Makeup Trends inspired by Hince.

Plus, I have a surprise for you:

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Olive Young is the biggest beauty retailer in Korea. In 2019 they launched an international website where you can find all the latest and most popular Korean beauty products of the moment.

Link: (*)

Olive Young offers free shipping with any order above USD 60 (above USD 80 for Australia and New Zealand).

This video was produced as part of the 2021 Global training course hosted by the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups and operated by CJ ENM’s DIA TV.

This video is NOT sponsored, but produced in partnership with Olive Young Global (part of the CJ Group that is operating the training course), I received a new sample of the Mood Enhancer Matte lipstick for the purpose of the partnership, but I was the one to come up with the idea for this video and I was given absolute freedom to pick any product I wanted.

➤ Every other product shown in this video belongs to my personal collection ^^

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▪ Hince – Second Skin Foundation [#21 Ivory]

🌐 Olive Young Global: (*)

▪ Hince – Second Skin Cover Concealer [#21 Light]

🌐 Olive Young Global: (*)

▪ Hince – Signature Brow Pencil [#04 Natural Brown]

🌐 Olive Young Global: (*)

▪ Hince – Signature Brow Shaper [#04 Natural Brown]

🌐 Olive Young Global: (*)

▪ Hince – Mood Enhancer Matte [#Allure]

🌐 Olive Young Global: (*)

▪ Hince – New Depth Eyeshadow Palette [#Gentle And Firm]

🌐 Olive Young Global: (*)

▪ Hince – New Ambience Color Eyeliner [#Awake Me]

▪ Hince – New Ambience Color Mascara [#Lively]

▪ Hince – New Depth Eyeshadow [#Inspire]

🌐 Olive Young Global: (*)

Links marked with (*) are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of my affiliate links, I will earn a small commission. The commission is paid by third party companies and does not affect the price you pay for the item. Commissions help fund the hosting fees and the content production of the Monodist.


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0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Introduction to Hince
3:02 – Trend 1: Second Skin
3:35 – Product focus: Hince – Second Skin Foundation and Second Skin Cover Concealer
4:18 – Trend 2: Textured Brows
5:11 – Product focus: Hince – Signature Brow Shaper and Signature Brow Pencil
6:13 – Trend 3: True MLBB
6:57 – Product focus: Hince – Mood Enhancer Matte
8:02 – Trend 4: Accent Colour
8:22 – Product Focus: Hince – New Depth Eyeshadow Palette, New Ambience Color Eyeliner, New Ambience Color Mascara, New Depth Eyeshadow




I translated all facts and contents in this video from original Korean sources, so I kindly ask you to credit my work if you’re planning to use any of the information included in the video.


아티스트 : Midorii(미도리)
앨범 : 名城線(메이조센) #1
곡명 : 市役所(shiyakusho) M07
Link :

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