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15 CRINGE Beauty Trends From The 2000’s

15 CRINGE Beauty Trends From The 2000’s

We’re Still Trying To Recover From Over-Plucked Eyebrows!
Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it could be argued that beauty is in the eye of the decade. For the 2000s, this couldn’t be more true. It should be called the “Sparkle and Shimmer” generation. Everyone was covered in hair accessories, bedazzled outfits, and body glitter. All anyone seemed to care about at the turn of the century was how much light they could catch.

From the over-plucked eyebrows, to the frosted eyeshadow, it seems like everyone’s eyes took a major fashion hit in the 2000s. It seems as if an alien came down from space to do everyone’s makeup. Another interesting beauty trend was the platinum blonde hair with jet black contrast underneath. Celebrities were crimping their hair, lining their lips with liner that was 5 shades darker than their lipstick, and they had so many hair accessories. Like, way too many hair accessories. Everyone had a belly button piercing or a rhinestone tattoo. Britney Spears showed off her belly button piercing with pride. Christina Aguilera proudly displayed her multi-toned hair. And everyone sparkled. It was a different time when people believed Y2K was going to destroy humanity. But while some prepped for doomsday, others bedazzled everything. They straightened or crimped their hair, and they danced to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears and “Mean Girls” with Lindsay Lohan was a huge box office movie, and the glitter was plenty. But some of these nostalgic beauty trends should be left where they started. Here are 15 beauty trends that should stay in the 2000s.

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