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冬メイク🐏❄️🤍 japanese rosy winter makeup | on western features❕

冬メイク🐏❄️🤍 japanese rosy winter makeup  | on western features❕

INSTAGRAM ID 👉🏻 moca.dayoo


hey guys,
thanks so much for watching todays tutorial! ive been not feeling so great lately so my upload times were hard to hold.. I feel much better now and I plan to create more content! as much as my health allows it 💋 please return next week for more fun in japan!


✿ subcount: 6.81K hehe

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✿ about:

what is your name? moca
how old are you? 19 (2003)
what is your insta? moca.dayoo
how tall are you? 158cm / 5’2
your nationality? german
my equipment:
canon g7x Mark II + Iphone 12 Pro Max
imovie, original fonts I make in procreate
procreate & filters from meitu


✿ music:

🎈Song : Daystar – When I opened my eyes to your voice, it was spring..🌸 /
🎈Song : Daystar – Smile /

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